Listening with the Eyes: Sound Art in Spain

Through January 15, 2017, the Fundación Juan March is exhibiting Spanish sound-art. “Escuchar con los ojos: Arte sonoro en españa 1961–2016” opened this month in Madrid. Sound art works were first exhibited in Spain in 1961 and the exhibition functions as both a retrospective and showcase of significant new work. Foundation for Iberian Music director Antoni Pizà contributed some materials to the exhibit, including an essay, “¿Normal para españa? (La primera actuación de John Cage en España hace cincuenta años).” (The essay is printed in the exhibit’s delightful catalog, which features a built-in mp3 player shaped like a DAT tape, or miniature cassette, that supplies the “sound” portion of the works.)

If you will not be in Madrid before January 15, be sure to check out the informative online exhibit (linked above). This exhibition neatly anticipates the Foundation for Iberian Music’s own Spanish Sound-Art festival, which be held March 16–18 here in NYC.