Foundation for Iberian Music presents “The Music of Al-Andalus”

July 13, 2010

The Music of al-Andalus


A lecture illustrated with musical examples


Reynaldo Fernández Manzano

Presented by the Foundation for Iberian Music

Monday, September 13, 2010


Segal Theater

CUNY Graduate Center

365 Fifth Ave.

Tel. 212 817 1819

Topics will include:

Cultural centers prior to arrival of Muslim culture

  • The music of the “barbarian” peoples
  • Urban music of Romanization
  • Visigothic liturgy and the Roman rite, the pilgrimages

Arabic music

  • The music of Mecca, Medina, Egypt and Mesopotamia
  • Berber music
  • The religious and festive music

The music of al-Andalus

  • Music in the Emirate dependent on Damascus
  • Music in the Independent Emirate and Caliphate of Cordoba
  • Music in the Taifa kingdoms
  • The music of the armorávides and Almohad

Music in the Kingdom of Granada in the Moorish period

Organology, iconology, and the music of al-Andalus

Music theory

Exoticism and orientalism in European art music

The music of al-Andalus, its survival and recovery today

Sources and analysis of the literature


Reynaldo Fernández Manzano’s Bio:

Spanish musicologist Reynaldo Fernández Manzano is currently the director of the Centro de Documentación Musical de Andalucía. He studied Arabic and holds a degree in Medieval History from the University of Granada, writing his thesis on the music of the Moriscos in the kingdom of Granada. He has been the recipient of various honors, including a Medal of Honor from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias in Granada. The Ministry of Culture has awarded Manzano for his research and dissemination of Spanish music. He has presented papers in various conferences, seminars, and symposia on topics such as Arabian music, Andalusian music, flamenco, and issues of documentation and conservation of cultural heritage.

Suggested Readings:

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