Catalan Music at the Oscars

Although not up for nomination itself, music by a Catalan composer, Joan Valent, had a good year at the Academy Awards. Valent contributed two original theme songs to the soundtrack for this year’s Oscar darling Birdman. Birdman was nominated almost across the board and took the top honors of Best Picture, Best Directing, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Cinematography. Not bad!

The film’s original score, too, is a great moment in the spotlight for Latin composers, even if not Spanish. The score was recorded by Grammy award winning Mexican-American jazz dummer, Antonio Sanchez, who based his score on improvised material, to match the quirky, spontaneous character of the film.

You can get Valent’s Birdman songs, “Birdman Blind” and “Bebirdman” on the original motion picture soundtrack in your preferred format. Sanchez’s OST is available separately.