2019 Medieval Music Performance Course in Besalú

The Foundation for Iberian Music is once again providing support to the Medieval Music Besalú program, which is now in its 8th year!

MMB is a festival and workshop series in the medieval town of Besalú, Spain. This year’s theme is Musica Instrumentalis, although they are offering several exciting vocal performance courses as well. They offer rare opportunities to study medieval performance, manuscript studies, and instrument making with some of the finest people in early music, all in a quaint medieval setting.

Class of 2018And we’re not even getting paid to say that! We’re just big fans of the program.

One of this year’s special programs is a three day workshop in Troubadour manuscript G with Benjamin Bagby, director of the acclaimed ensemble Sequentia. The course is open to experienced singers and instrumentalists. There is also a course in “The Art of the Medieval Cantor” for experienced vocalists, with Katarina Livljanić, a chant specialist and director of the vocal ensemble Dialogos. Other courses in vocal and instrumental music are available to beginners and non-musicians.

Register at the festival website.