The Brook Center is a scholarly facility associated with the doctoral program in music at
The City University of New York Graduate Center.

Current Brook Center projects include:
Center for the Study of Free-Reed Instruments
Ensemble for the Romantic Century Seminars
Foundation for Iberian Music
Foundation for French and Francophone Musical Cultures
Music in 21st-Century Society
Music in Gotham: The New York Scene
Pergolesi Research Center
Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM)
Research Center for Music Iconography (RCMI)
Xenakis Project of the Americas

Skyshadows (2013 Composer’s Commission) Sheet Music Available

Sheet music for the 2013 Composer’s Commission, Skyshadows, by Albert Guinovart, is now available from Unión Musical Ediciones (a part of the Music Sales Classical group). This work for solo piano can be yours for the low price of €9,60, wherever sheet music is sold.


Oral Musical Traditions of the Balearic Islands

IB3, a public television network of Spain’s Balearic Islands, has produced a new Catalan program dedicated to the Islands’ oral music and dance traditions. The program, called Aire, examines a unique tradition in each episode—such as el cant redoblat, els cossiers, and les gloses—looking at its historic place in the Islands and how it has evolved in the modern era. For example, episode 9, on el cant redoblat, visits with local musicians and scholars to provide an overview of the tradition and showcases the broad range of the style with several performances, from the truly traditional to modern rock.


Musicology in the Age of (Post)Globalization: Barry S. Brook Centennial Conference

In 2018 the Barry S. Brook Center for Music Research and Documentation celebrates the centennial of its founder, Barry S. Brook (1918–97). A musicologist with a global vision who lived and worked both in New York and in Paris, his scholarly interests were broad: His research covered secular music from the Renaissance, the 18th and […]


Spanish Baroque Choral Music at the Hispanic Society

Meridionalis, the choral group of the Americas Society, will do a free concert of early Spanish music on December 8: “Luna sin mancha, Sol sin ocaso.” The program features polychoral works from the Hispanic Society’s Olmeda Collection, which includes composers such as Tomás Luis de Victoria, Juan de Madrid, Mateo Romero, Diego de Cáseda, and Manuel de Egüés. These works, for multiple choirs with instrumental accompaniment, represent the pinnacle of early Spanish liturgical music.


Overflow Room for Taruskin Lecture Tomorrow

Advance registrations for tomorrow’s Lloyd Old Lecture, “The Many Dangers of Music,” with Richard Taruskin and Scott Burnham (with a piano interlude by Adam Kent), have been wildly successful. Tickets for the event are fully booked and we highly recommend that ticket holders arrive early. We expect a full house and latecomers may not be able find any available seats.
However, there is good news for those who arrive late or were unable to make reservations! There will be an overflow room in the Segal Theater…


RCMI to be on CUNY TV

CUNY TV will feature the Brook Center’s own Zdravko Blazekovic in an upcoming episode of Study with the Best! The series highlights professors, students, and programs at CUNY campuses. Blazekovic has worked with Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale  (RILM), the world’s premiere database of music literature, since 1987 and he directs the Research Center for Music […]


Composer’s Commission Recipients Receive National Award for Music

We at the Foundation for Iberian Music are very proud of composer Antoni Parera Fons, who has just been awarded the 2016 Premio Nacional de Música (National Award for Music). The Spanish government awards two prizes annually, one for creation (composition) and one for interpretation (such as performance or musicology). In addition to the prestige, recipients are awarded 30,000 euros.

Parera received the Foundation’s Composer’s Commission in 2008, for which he composed Mentum


The Arrival of Rock in Spain

This week, Teresa Fraile gave a lecture at the Graduate Center on the arrival of rock music in Spain. Fraile is Professor of Didactics of Music at Universidad de Extremadura (Spain), president of Sibe (Sociedad de Etnomusicología), and past visiting scholar at the Foundation for Iberian Music.

Her lecture looked at the infrequently explored relationship between Spain and the US when it comes to the development of rock music. Many assume that the Franco regime did not allow foreign trends, according to Fraile, but she argues that in spite of Franco’s reign, Spanish popular music received many varied foreign influences