The Brook Center is a scholarly facility associated with the doctoral program in music at
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Current Brook Center projects include:
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Foundation for Iberian Music
Foundation for French and Francophone Musical Cultures
Music in 21st-Century Society
Music in Gotham: The New York Scene
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Research Center for Music Iconography (RCMI)
Xenakis Project of the Americas

Listening with the Eyes: Sound Art in Spain

Through January 15, 2017, the Fundación Juan March is exhibiting Spanish sound-art. “Escuchar con los ojos: Arte sonoro en españa 1961–2016” opened this month in Madrid. Sound art works were first exhibited in Spain in 1961 and the exhibition functions as both a retrospective and showcase of significant new work. Foundation for Iberian Music director Antoni […]


2015 Fandango Conference Proceedings Now Available in English!

We at the Foundation for Iberian Music are very exited to announce that the papers given at 2015’s conference, Spaniards, Indians, Africans, and Gypsies: The Global Reach of the Fandango in Music, Song, and Dance, have now been published in a fully translated English edition. It is available from Cambridge Scholars Publishing for £80.99. Use code fandango20 at checkout to receive 20% off your order!


CFP: Award for Iberian/Latin American Music Research

CILAM at UC Riverside is seeking submissions for this year’s Otto Mayer-Serra Award for Music Research in Iberian or Latin American musical studies. The Graduate Center’s own Antoni Pizà is serving as a jury member! The deadline for submissions is November 30th. Please see the full announcement below, or download as a PDF.   CALL […]



The Center for Iberian and Latin American Music at the University of California at Riverside, and the Foundation for Iberian Music at The Barry S. Brook Center for Music Research and Documentation at the CUNY Graduate Center will host a conference on the transatlantic circulation of malagueñas and zapateados at UC Riverside on April 6–7, 2017.


Spanish Electro-acoustic Art Festival, March 2017

In March 2017, the Foundation for Iberian Music is partnering with the Asociación de Música Electroacústica y Arte Sonoro de España (AMEE) to organize a 3 day festival for electro-acoustic art here in NYC, beginning March 16. Day 1 will be held the evening of March 16 at the Graduate Center’s Proshansky’s auditorium. The event will […]


New Shostakovich Book Review by Taruskin in NYT

Sunday’s edition of The New York Times included a new article by Richard Taruskin, this year’s guest at the Lloyd Old and Constance Old lecture series. This article, which is part literary book review, part contextual history of the novel’s setting, has been stimulating the kind of pointed discussion that one has come to expect in Taruskin’s wake.


“Flamenco—Beyond the Body of the Sensuous”

Meira Goldberg (current visiting scholar at the Foundation for Iberian Music), Ninotchka Bennahum and Michelle Heffner Hayes, editors of Flamenco on the Global Stage; renowned dancer Belén Maya; guitarist Pedro Cortés; and singer José Moreno explore flamenco’s traditions and experimentalism in an upcoming series of events in NYC and Philadelphia.


English 2015 Fandango Conference Proceedings

The Foundation for Iberian Music is pleased to announce the publication of The Global Reach of the Fandango in Music, Song, and Dance: Spaniards, Indians, Africans, and Gypsies forthcoming this year from Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Edited by K. Meira Goldberg and Antoni Pizà, this is an all-English edition of proceedings from the 2015 conference Spaniards, Indians, Africans, and Gypsies: The Global Reach of the Fandango in Music, Song, and Dance.