The Foundation for Iberian Music is a cultural and educational initiative intended to research and disseminate the classical and popular traditions of Iberian music, including those rooted in the Mediterranean, Latin American, and Caribbean cultures.

The Foundation presents interdisciplinary programs that bridge the gap between academic and general interests, including:

  • Public events such as concerts, lectures, and exhibitions.
  • Scholarly activities including publications and conferences, as well as the development of a comprehensive archive of scores, books, and recordings.
  • Professional opportunities that foster exchange among students, scholars, performers, composers, musicologists, and music educators. Student employment, scholarships, dissertation grants, and fellowships will be available.

Drawing together world-renowned musicians and scholars in the field, the Foundation for Iberian Music is the only endeavor of its kind entirely dedicated to the study, research, and performance of Iberian music. In addition to its general objectives, the Foundation aims at increasing knowledge of the reception and influence of Iberian music in the United States, and to further understanding of the links between folklore, contemporary popular genres, and classical music. It seeks insight into the multi-cultural, multi-linguistic constitution of the Iberian Peninsula, encompassing Christian, Islamic, and Jewish traditions.

For a bird’s eye view of the Foundation’s activities, see this page.

The Foundation for Iberian Music encourages donations from institutions and individuals through The Graduate Center Foundation, Inc.

Honorary Member:
Alicia de Larrocha (23 May 1923 – 25 September 2009)

Advisory Board:
Malena Kuss, University of North Texas
Paul Laird, University of Kansas
Peter Manuel, The City University of New York
William Summers, Dartmouth College

Antoni Pizà

Research Fellow:
Cullen Gallagher

Contact Information:

Antoni Pizà, Director
The Graduate Center, The City University of New York
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016

(212) 817-1819