History of Jazz in Barcelona 1919-1965

This History of Jazz in Barcelona is a brief outline of the development of the musical genre in Catalonia but primarily in Barcelona between the years 1919-1965.  The time line and information about these musicians, orchestras, jazz clubs, and events come from the one-day immersion seminar “The Beginnings of Jazz in Catalonia” led by Jordi Pujol Baulenas.

History of Jazz in Barcelona 1919-1965




Orchestra Nic-Fusly, Orchestra Verdura


Jazz-Band Demons

Maestro Torres

Michigan Jazz – Excelsior – Washington Orchestra

1922 – Jazz Bands – 1924

Shis-Uniks Orchestra 1924-1925

1926 – 1928 – 1929

The Charleston and Black Bottom Years

Sam Wooding’s Orchestra / Bubby Curry Orchestra / Chocolate Jackson / Cofies Colored Cracks / Harry Fleming and His Blue Bird’s Symphonic Jazz Orchestra


Sam Wooding and his Chocolate Kiddies (June 1029)

Recorded five 78rpm on Parlophone Historic Recordings

Josephine Baker at the Principal Palace (Marsh 1930) accompanied by Orchestra Demon’s Jazz

Jack Hylton’s Orchestra (June 1930)


New Orchestras

Duran Boys – Melody Boys – Jaime Planas y Sus Discos Vivientes

Straight Jazz Bands – Happy Jazz

1932 – 1936

The Hot Years

“La Invasion de los Negros”

Black musicians from USA, Cuba, the Dominican Republic

Robert Edward “Juice” Wilson (violin), Thomas “Puss” Chase (piano), George Carhart (banjo), Lazaro Quintero (clarinet, sax), Vicente Gallardo (trumpet), Felipe (drums)

The Best Orchestras in Town:

Demon’s Jazz, Mata’s Band, Napoleon’s Band, Casanovas Orchestra, Crazy Boys, Miuras de Sobre, Melodian’s Orchestra, 16 Artistas Units

The Best Soloists Formed:

Orquesta del Hot-Club

They accompanied in February 1936 Benny Carter

The Post Civil War Era

Hot and Swing Years 1939-1949


Orchestra Demon

Luis Rovira

Martin de la Rosa

Orquesta Hot-Club

Orquesta Gong


Ramon Evaristo

Luis Duque

Gran Casino


*Bernard Hilda

Small Groups

Amil Hot Five

Quinteto Saratoga

Albalat y Su Ritmo

Quinteto Nocturnos

José Ribalta y sus Muchachos

Glory’s Kings

Los Clippers

Bonet de San Pedro y Los 7 de Palma


Rina Celi

Mari Merche

Bonet de San Pedro

Katia Morlands

Elsie Bayron

Emil Beckman

Hermanas Russell


George Johnson y Su Quinteto

Don Byas (trumpet)


The Latin Craze — Orchestra Jaime Camino


The Modern Jazz Years

Tete Montoliu (piano) was the most representative jazzman

of a new generation of jazzmen.

Richard Roda (alto sax)

Salvador Font (tenor sax, violin)

Ricardo Farran (drums)

Enrique Ponsa (bass)

Domingo Portugues (alto sax)

José Tarazona “Pocholo” (tenor sax)

José Farreras (bass)