Great Reviews for “Escuchar Con Los Ojos”

As we announced last fall, Foundation director Antoni Pizà contributed materials to Fundación Juan March’s recent exhibit, “Escuchar con los Ojos: Arte Sonoro en España (1961-2016),” including an essay in the exhibition catalog. The exhibit has received numerous accolades, but we would like to highlight a couple of radio programs featuring the exhibit.

First, Catalunya Ràdio interviewed exhibit curator José Iges last October, and you can listen to the full program here.

Second, Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, who has previously collaborated with the Foundation, reviewed the exhibit in the Christmas Special of his show Ars Sonora, on Radio Nacional de España (RNE). Álvarez-Fernández is a sound-artist himself and gave a lecture at the Graduate Center last year, entitled “A Historical Overview of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art in Spain,” while in town for an exhibit at the Instituto Cervantes.