Baroque Spanish Opera In NYC

The New York City Opera, which has made a successful comeback since closing in 2013, will soon present the second item in its Opéra en Español series: Antonio de Literes y Carrión’s Los ElementosLos Elementos is an allegorical drama about the four elements, written in 1713 for the court of Phillip V. This performance will be the opera’s NY premiere. It is directed and choreographed by Richard Stafford and conducted by Pacien Mazzagatti.

The Foundation for  Iberian Music’s director, Antoni Pizà, advised the NYCO’s production and wrote program notes for it. In 2002, Pizà published Antoni Literes: Introducció a la seva obra (Palma Documenta Balear), which to date is the only monograph available on Literes, in any language. Literes was a prolific composer but he is best remembered for his stage works, particularly his zarzuelas. Thanks to the efforts of opera companies such as the NYCO to showcase “lost” and little-performed works, he has the chance to emerge from the shadows of history and find a new audience.

The opera opens May 4 at Harlem Stage. Visit the above link for tickets.