“Los Elementos” Makes NYT Best-of List

The New York City Opera’s run of Los Elementos, a little-performed Spanish opera by Antonio Literes, was highlighted by the New York Times last week (following a mention in the New Yorker).

Stage rendering courtesy of the NYCO.

The production was reviewed in Friday’s paper, following its opening Thursday night. The review’s title, “Is ‘Los Elementos’ Opera? That’s Beside the Point,” draws on a question raised in Antoni Pizà’s notes for the program. Los Elementos is a short work which some argue is a form of cantata called serenata, in spite of Literes calling it “opera” in his own title. The point is irrelevant as far as the audience is concerned, the review argues, as no matter the form, Los Elementos is “a musical delight and a charming entertainment” that offers some Spanish sabor.

In addition to a glowing review, it was selected for the weekly “That Decisive Moment” column, which highlights the “8 best classical music moments” of the week.

All in all, another encouraging entry into NYCO’s “Ópera en Español” series which bodes well for the future of Spanish opera in New York.

Photo: Stage rendering courtesy of the NYCO.