Angel Gil-Ordóñez in the Washington Post

Angel Gil-Ordóñez was featured recently in both The Washington Post‘s daily and its magazine. Gil-Ordóñez is a long-time collaborator with the Foundation for Iberian Music, through his work as director of our resident Perspectives Ensemble. When not in NYC with Perspectives, Gil-Ordóñez works in Washington DC with the PostClassical Ensemble, which he directs and co-founded. Both ensembles have received numerous accolades.

The May 25th edition of WaPo’s online magazine published an interview with Gil-Ordóñez, entitled, “What makes a good conductor? Harmony — and ‘authority through knowledge.’” In it, Gil-Ordóñez discusses some of his training and experience as a conductor.

He was also featured in a June 29th article on activism in the arts, “Why artists become activists: it’s not only the election.” The article showcases numerous artists around the country and the ways in which they have used their art as activism. Gil-Ordóñez discusses PostClassical ensemble’s musical diplomacy, with the group’s executive director, Joe Horowitz.