Gurumbé Screenings in NYC

The date of our Gurumbé film screening and flamenco performance is rapidly approaching and tickets are selling fast. Get tickets here for this special event, December 3rd.

Gurumbé: Afro-Andalusian Memories (Canciones de tu memoria negra) is a groundbreaking film that has been screening worldwide. It has been an official selection at more than ten US and international film festivals. Most recently, it screened at the Latin Cinema Festival in Minneapolis, and it is a part of the upcoming African Diaspora Film Festivals in Chicago and New York. Harvey Karten, the founder of New York Film Critics Online just reviewed the film, giving it four out of five stars.

Our event at La Nacional is the first opportunity to meet and participate in a Q&A with the director, Miguel Ángel Rosales, dancer Yinka Esi Graves, and our host, K. Meira Goldberg, who will be moderating.

In addition to our special screening event at La Nacional, there will be many additional opportunities to see Gurumbé in NYC.  The film will run for one week at Cinema Village, December 1–7.  It is also being screened at Columbia University on December 10th, in addition to numerous other university screenings in the northeast. Here is a full list of upcoming screenings:

  • Howard University (Washington DC), Nov 27
  • Scribe Video Center (Philadelphia, PA), Nov 28
  • La Nacional (NY, NY), Dec 3
  • Smith College (Northampton, MA), Dec 5
  • Bryn Mawr College (Philadelphia, PA), Dec 6
  • The University of Chicago, Dec 8
  • Columbia University (NY, NY), Dec 10

Lastly, tickets are still available to see Yinka Esi Graves in a full dance program at Gibney Dance, November 30 – December 2.

Watch Gurumbé‘s official Facebook page for up to date news and information on screenings, and of course, follow the Foundation on Facebook and on Twitter.