Great Reviews for “Escuchar Con Los Ojos”

March 21, 2017

As we announced last fall, Foundation director Antoni Pizà contributed materials to Fundación Juan March’s recent exhibit, “Escuchar con los Ojos: Arte Sonoro en España (1961-2016),” including an essay in the exhibition catalog. The exhibit has received numerous accolades, but we would like to highlight a couple of radio programs featuring the exhibit.

First, Catalunya Ràdio interviewed exhibit curator José Iges last October, and you can listen to the full program here.

Second, Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, who has previously collaborated with the Foundation, reviewed the exhibit in the Christmas Special of his show Ars Sonora, on Radio Nacional de España (RNE). Álvarez-Fernández is a sound-artist himself and gave a lecture at the Graduate Center last year, entitled “A Historical Overview of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art in Spain,” while in town for an exhibit at the Instituto Cervantes.

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