Mompou Chair

The Mompou Chair, named after the eminent composer Frederic Mompou (1893-1987), was established in 2003 BY the CUNY Graduate Center and the Institut Ramon Llull of Barcelona. This project ran through 2011.

Its mission is the dissemination of the rich musical heritage of Catalonia. Click here to see Pau Casals UN address about Catalan heritage.

Events organized and sponsored by the Mompou Chair include:


For a bibliography of published works on Mompou, see our Bibliography page.

Music in Iberian Art and Film, special isssue of Music in Art, ed. Anna Cazurra, XXVII/1–2 (2002) .


Spring 2004: Multicultural Spain: Studies in the Music of Catalonia, Andalusia and other Iberian Regions
Spring 2005: The Catalan Piano Tradition from Soler to Larrocha
Fall 2005: Granados in Fact and Fiction
Spring 2006: Schoenberg in Barcelona
Fall 2006: Pilgrim songs of Catalonia – The Llibre Vermell of Montserrat
Spring 2007: The Catalan Piano Trio
Fall 2007: Aspects of Iberian and Catalan Music
Spring 2008: Carles Suriñach and the Creation of Modern Dance in New York
Fall 2008: The Ensaladas of Mateo Flecha
Spring 2009: Hybrid Barcelona: New Multicultural Identities in Catalan Music
Fall 2009: Albéniz and the Rise of Spanish National Opera
Spring 2010: Music in Spain around 1700: Theatre Music and Cantata in Context
Fall 2010: The Beginnings of Jazz in Catalonia
Spring 2011: Music in Barcelona During the War of the Succession (1701-1714)
Fall 2011: Music as a Cultural Weapon: Fighting for Ethnic Identities in Spain from Cançó to Rock and Rap (1960-2010)

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