Displacing the Voice: Popular Music in Spanish Cinema

4 April 2014: The Foundation for Iberian Music at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York is proud to sponsor the first international conference focused on the Spanish cinematic soundscape. From the 1990s onwards the aural dimension of cinema has become an established field of research, but it has not been until much recently that scholars have started paying attention to how Spanish cinema sounds and how sound articulates the representation and negotiation of wider social-historical phenomena. This conference aims to bring together film and music scholars and hispanists to foster and consolidate sound as a field of inquiry within Spanish film scholarship and film as a privileged site to understand how music means and matters for Spanish society. The conference will take place in April 2014 at the CUNY Graduate Center, New York.

Click here for the  program, and here for the  abstracts of the presenters. More information on the presenters can be found here.