English 2015 Fandango Conference Proceedings

The Foundation for Iberian Music is pleased to announce the publication of The Global Reach of the Fandango in Music, Song, and Dance: Spaniards, Indians, Africans, and Gypsies forthcoming this year from Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Edited by K. Meira Goldberg and Antoni Pizà, this is an all-English edition of proceedings from the 2015 conference Spaniards, Indians, Africans, and Gypsies: The Global Reach of the Fandango in Music, Song, and Dance. (We will provide a link to purchase when available.) The Spanish and English edition of these proceedings is currently available online from the Centro de Documentación Musical de Andalucía.

On a related note, don’t forget that Meira and Antoni, with Walter Clark, are organizing a second fandango conference, Spaniards, Natives, Africans, and Gypsies: Transatlantic Malagueñas and Zapateados in Music, Song, and Dance, to be held at the University of California at Riverside on April 6 – 7, 2017. The call for papers will be posted here within the coming month.