Música Antiga Festival Highlights

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We have returned from our summer holiday and we’re looking forward to beginning a new academic year.

  As we reported in the spring, Antoni Pizà was the keynote speaker at this year’s early music festival of the cozy coastal town of Colònia de Sant Pere (Mallorca). The 7th annual festival, which ran July 18–29, featured a wide variety of programming, including book presentations, lectures, experimental dance, film screenings, concerts, and a day-long symposium. Among the festival performers was Luis Antonio González (CSIC), a keyboardist and musicologist who gave a lecture recital of harpsichord works at the Graduate Center and who participated in several of the Foundation’s conferences.

Click here to view this year’s program.

Pizà’s keynote address, and the focus of the symposium, was on the musical heritage of the Balearic Islands. There was also a special performance of works by Literes (Lliteres), who himself is a part of Mallorca’s musical history. The program included cantatas from Guatemala’s Cathedral, which were transcribed by Pizà and Anna Cazurra, with additional works by Conti and Telemann. The Literes cantatas were also performed in Minorca.