Rossini’s La Veuve andalouse, a facsimile edition

Based on its autograph sources, lost until recently, Gioachino Rossini: «La Veuve andalouse» presents the first and only critical edition of Rossini’s song. In addition to including a performing transcription of the music and the lyrics in all the languages of the first printed versions, this volume provides many contextual sources, such as several unknown Rossini letters, illustrations, and many contemporaneous reviews as well as other primary sources. All in all, it brings to the present a riveting scena worthy of the most celebrated opera composer of the first half of the nineteenth century.

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Authors’ interview about La Veuve

Anna Tonna’s performace of La Veuve


List of Illustrations | Lista de ilustraciones
Acknowledgments | Agradecimientos

I. The Story and Context of Rossini’s La Veuve andalouse |  La historia y el contexto de «La Veuve andalouse» de Rossini

· Some Preliminary Remarks | Algunas consideraciones preliminares

· Frontera de Valldemosa, Rossini’s Spanish Friend and La Veuve’s Dedicatee |  Frontera de Valldemosa, el amigo español de Rossini y dedicatario de «La Veuve»

· The Musical Patronage of Isabel de Borbón and La Veuve |  El patronazgo musical de Isabel de Borbón y «La Veuve»

· Documents in Contemporaneous Sources | Documentos en fuentes coetáneas

II. La Veuve andalouse

· Facsimile | Facsímil

· Music Edition | Edición musical

· Notes to the Edition | Notas a la edición

III. Performing La Veuve | La Interpretación de «La Veuve»

· Some Thoughts on the Performance of La Veuve andalouse by Anna Tonna | Reflexiones sobre la interpretación de «La Veuve andalouse» por Anna Tonna

· IPA Transcription by Anna Tonna | Transcripción IPA por Anna Tonna
Literal Translation from the French Text to Facilitate the Comprehension of the Lyrics

· Song Texts | Textos de la canción

· Original versions in French, Spanish, Italian, English and German |  Versiones originales en francés, español, italiano, inglés y alemán

Appendixes | Apéndices

i. Cast of Characters | Galería de personajes

ii. Chronology | Cronología

Bibliography and Discography | Bibliografía i discografía

The authors:

Antoni Pizà has taught at The City University of New York for over twenty-five years, where he also directs The Foundation for Iberian Music. Pizà has authored or co-edited twenty volumes, the latest being Celebrating Flamenco’s Tangled Roots: The Body Questions (Cambridge Scholars, 2022) and The Way of the Moderns: Six Perspectives on Modernism in Music (Brepols, 2022).

María Luisa Martínez holds a degree in Music History and Sciences (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2005) and a PhD with International Mention in Musicology (Universidad de Jaén, 2016). Since 2015 she has been researcher at The Foundation for Iberian Music at The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY). Her latest publications include La biblioteca musical particular de la infanta Isabel de Borbón (Fondo Infanta). Critical edition and catalog (SEdEM, 2019).

In addition to Gioachino Rossini: «La Veuve andalouse», as a research team with María Luisa Martínez, they have published a critical edition of Tomás Bretón: Quinteto en sol mayor para piano y cuerda (ICCMU, 2022).