The Body Questions: A Talk Series

Sunday October 16, we were pleased to begin a series of book talks with the authors of The Body Questions  There are seven talks in all over the next few months, and we are inviting everyone to attend, beyond the ones who are already participating.

There are in total four events organized by The Foundation for Iberian Music

  • Sunday 16 Oct 12:00-14:00 NY time, with Noel Allende Goitía, Miguel Ángel Vargas, and Antonio Cortijo Ocaña. Here is the Eventbrite link.
  • Sunday 30 Oct 12:0014:00 NY time, with Karen Silen, Ryan Rockmore, Constance Valis Hill, Lynn Brooks, and Guillermo Castro.  Here is the Eventbrite link.
  • Sunday 6 Nov 12:0014:00 NY time, with Russell Brown, Clara Chinoy, Anna Shalom, and Gabriela Estrada
  • Sunday 11 Dec 12:0014:00 NY time, with Scott Barton, Agnes Kamya, and Julie Baggenstoss

These events will be bilingual in English and Spanish/ Estas presentaciones se realizarán en castellano e inglés.

There are also three events being sponsored by Rosemary Cisneros at Coventry University featuring some of the Roma and Roma-allied authors in the book:  Belén Maya, Miguel Ángel Vargas, and Russell Brown. 

These will happen on Nov. 14, 15, and 16 at 17:00-18:30 CET (Spain’s time). More details to follow, but you can register for these events here.

Celebrating Flamenco's Tangled Roots: The Body Questions