These memorabilia were mainly collected by Guido Deiro himself through the course of his career, and consist of photographs, concerts flyers, publicity material, business contracts, newspaper clippings, sheet music, etc. They are housed by category in various envelopes.

ENVELOPE 1. Photos of Guido Deiro

1. Photo of GD holding accordion, undated. Inscribed to the Free-Reed Center from Count Deiro, 03/24/01

2. Cut-out photo of GD holding accordion, undated.

3. Xerox of photo of GD playing accordion: inscription and date not decipherable; xerox of photo of Pietro Deiro playing accordion, dated 1941.

4. Cut-Out photo of GD playing accordion (part of same photo as 3.).

5. Photo of GD with Paul Whiteman, undated, ?1930’s.

6. Photo of GD with 8 other unknown accordionists on parade card, undated, c.1919

7. Photo of GD in his consevatory and shop, San Francisco c.1937-8

8. Photo of GD in his conservatory and shop with two assisantants, San Francisco c.1937-8

9. Photo of GD with wreath from Guerrini and Co., undated, ?1930’s

10. Same

11. GD with various accordionists, Syl Prior’s home, 12/29/46

12. Photo of GD with Italian POW’s, Los Angeles, 1945.

13. Xerox of GD playing accordion, undated.

14. Photo of GD accompanying the bass Bert Rovere, 1948.

15. Colage of various accordionist photo’s, including photo 11., undated, from unknown publication.

16. Photo ofGD with with accordion at formal dinner, undated. [same as Scrap Book 2, p.1]

17/18 Photos of GD receving awardfrom Italian Legion Band, San Jose, undated.

19. Photo of GD with unknown (? The Gaffi brothers, to whom photo is inscribed),

ENVELOPE 2. Miscellaneous Photos

1. Photo of GD Accordion Studio (Exterior), undated.

2. Photo of dinner at [Lucca’s?] restaurant, probably for Italian POW’s, 1945 [compare env. 1, item 12]: accordion-led band playing in background.

3. Publicity photo of Anthony Galla-Rini inscribed to GD, dated 11/28/49.

4. Xerox of photo of Students of John Barsualia (of GD Pacific Coast Studio) at Italian Picnic, 06/04/39

5. Photo of 13 students of Westwood, Cal. Brach of GD Accordion School, undated.

6. Publicity photo of Dick Contino, inscribed to GD., undated.

7. Publicity photo of Adolf Burgklint, inscribed to GD and Yvonne Deiro.

8. Xerox of photo of Nerino Turchet and his Accordion Band, 1930.

ENVELOPE 3. Guido Deiro Benefit Concert, May 21 1950: Letters, Flyers, Program etc.

1. Program from concert,signed by participants.

2. Flyer for concert.

3. Letter from Anthony Galla-Rini to Guido Deiro concerning planing of concert.

4. Photo from concert of accordion band, ?Anthony Galla-Rini.

5. Photo of ?Anthony Galla-Rini and ?

6. Photo of ?Anthony Galla-Rini with accordion.

7. Photo of unidentified male accordionist.

8. Photo of unidentified female accordionist.

9. Photo of unidentified male accordionist.

10. Photo of unidentified button accordionist.

11. Photo of group from reception, unidentified but possibly including Anthony Galla-Rini.

12. Photo of unidentified accordionist.

13. Photo of unidentified trio.

14. Photo of unidentifed quartet with instruments [accordion, violin, double bass, guitar]

15. Photo of unidentified trio.

16. Photo of unidentified trio with instruments [accordion, double bass, guitar]

17. Photo of unidentified quartet with instruments [clarinet, accordion, double bass, guitar]

18. Photo of unidientified trio with instruments [double bass, violin, accordion]

19. Photo of unidentified female accordionist.

20. Photo of unidentified large group at reception.

21. Document dated June 4, 1950: “To Guido Deiro – from the Program Committee and all teachers and participants of a great Concert.” 32 signatures

ENVELOPE 4. Misc. Programs and Flyers

1. Program for concert 11/25/15, Blackwell’s Island Penitentiary.

2. Program for Entertainmant & Ball given by the Officers and Men of U.S.S. Plattsburg, 03/13/19

3. Program for Grand Concert and Ball given by the Accordion Club [San Francisco] in Honor of Guido Deiro, 02/18/21

4. RKO/Orpheum program for Plaza Theatre, Sacramento, undated, prob. late 1920’s.

5. Xerox of several flyers for GD’s Australian and British tours 1928-9.

6. Dinner Program for GD appearance at Plummer Park, 10/05/40.

7. Program for “Guido Deiro Review of Dancing, Singing, Music and Comedy,” Wilshire-Bell Theatre, Los Angeles, 05/05/46.

8. The same.

ENVELOPE 5. Business Contracts.

1. Contract between GD and Accordion Music Publishing Company of New York, 1949, concerning GD’s composition Egyptian Fantasy.

2. Letter to GD from Will Rossiter, music publisher dated 08/14/47 concerning copyright renewal for GD’s song Kismet; and signed copy of royalty agreement between the two parties.

3. Letter from Frank P. Dow [freight forwarders] to GD, dated 02/19/47, concerning shipment of accordions, and invoice of merchandise for the same.

4. Contract between GD and Columbia Graphophone Company, dated 10/31/19, concerning forthcoming recordings for the company.

5. Contract between GD and Columbia Graphophone Company, dated 07/11/18, concerning forthcoming recordings for the company.

ENVELOPE 6. Panama California Exposition, San Deigo, 1915.

1. Souvenir book of the exposition.

2. Document from president of the exposition giving the gold medal of the exposition to GD for his concert at the exposition, 07/09/16.

ENVELOPE 7. Misc. Letters & Legal Documents.

1. Xerox copy of divorce decree, GD vs. Mae West, 07/14/20

2. Xerox copy of Pietro Deiro’s affidavit stating that he was the first to introduce on the American stage a piano-accordion contructed in America, dated 09/07/35. [This affidavit reproduced in Accordion World, Sept. 1935]

3. Letter from Anthony Galla-Rini to Walter Winchell, dated 05/05/50, asking him to mention GD in his broadcasts.

4. Xerox of letter from Herman W.Weber to GD, dated 08/05/35, stating that GD was the first to introduce the piano-accordion on the American stage [letter reproduced in Accordion World, Sept 1935].

5. Xerox of letter from Count Guido Deiro [Jr.} to Supervisor Willie Kennedy of San Francisco, stating that it was GD not Pietro Deiro who refined the accordion.

ENVELOPE 8. Accordion Periodicals.

1. Accordion News 07/15/35 [incomplete]

2. Accordion News-Musicana 05/38

3. Accordion News-Musicana 06/38 [incomplete]

4. Accordion World, 05/40

5. Accordion World, 09/48

6. Accordion World, 01/49

7. Accordion World, 01/50

ENVELOPE 9. Sheet Music.

1. Guido Deiro’s Royal Method for Piano Accordion: A Comprehensive Course of Modern Instruction for the Accordion. New York: Mills Music, undated, c.1932.

2. Pink Slippers by Guido Deiro. Steubenville, Ohio: B. Quattrociocche, 1951.

3. Valse Pirouette by Guido Deiro. Steubenville, Ohio: B. Quattrociocche, 1951.

4. Queen of the Air by Guido Deiro. Steubenville, Ohio: B. Quattrociocche, 1950.

5. I Don’t Care by Guido Deiro. Steubenville, Ohio: B. Quattrociocche, 1952.

6. Deirina by Guido Deiro. Steubenville, Ohio: B. Quattrociocche, 1951.

7. My Florence by Guido Deiro. Steubenville, Ohio: B. Quattrociocche, 1952.

8. Egypto by Guido Deiro. New York: Accordion Music Publishing, 1954.

9. Moonlight by Guido Deiro. Steubenville, Ohio: B. Quattrociocche, 1929.

ENVELOPE 10. Articles.

1. “Deiro-The Accordion Star,” The Columbia Record, 10/8 (1912) [xerox].

2. “Truly Yours by Walter Wincher,” unidentified source, 02/35 [xerox]

3. Accordion News, 03/35, 3 [xerox] [includes ad. For GD Royal Method for the Accordion]

4. “Guido Deiro on Tour,” Accordion News, 07/35 [xerox]

5. Ad. By Italo-American Accordion Mfg. Co., Accordion News, 07/35, featuring GD. [xerox].

6. Same.

7. “Who Was First?: The Deiro Brothers Controversy,” Accordion News, 08/35. [xerox]

8. Accordion News, 09/35, 15-16.

9. Same, 19-20.

10. Same, 5-6

11. Ad. For GD studio, unidentified and undated source, from Italian-American press, c.1936. [xerox]

12. “Leading Accordion Players Form Assn. For Advancement of Instrument,” Tempo, 04/38 [xerox].

13. Ad. For GD performances at the May Company Wilshire, Los Angeles Times, 10/19/39.

14. –

15. “Guido Deiro’s Own Story of ‘Sharpshooters March’,” The Pietro Musicordion, 6/2 (May/June 1948).

16. “Wizards of the Piano-Accordion Guido and Pietro Deiro,” Hobbies, Sept. 1954. [xerox]

17. “Let’s Hear It for Humble Accordion!” unidentified newspaper, 01/09/90. [xerox]

18. “Save the City From the Abominable Accordion,” San Francisco Chronicle, 02/13/90. [xerox]

19. “Lady of Spain,I Abhor You…: Should Accordion Players Register with the Authorities?” Time, 05/28/90. [xerox]

20. “S.F. Rivals Take Wind Out of Accordion,” The Sacramento Bee Final, 06/15/90. [xerox]

21. “The Accordion Gets No Respect,” Music Trades, July 1990. [xerox]

22. “Guido’s Revenge,” Esquire, 08/90. [xerox]

23. “Accordion History,” unidentified and undated source, [xerox]

24. “Mayor Puts Squeeze on Accordion,” unidentified and undated source, [xerox]

25. Sheet with 8 press clippings, all from unidentified sources and undated, all concerning GD (prob. late 1930’s).

26. Similar ad. to 13., from unidentified and undated source.

27. Sheet with 9 press clippings, all from unidentified sources and undated, all concerning GD (prob. 1930’s). 10th clipping is a flyer for concert 02/21/37 Grammar School Auditorium, Grand Ave., San Francisco featuring GD.

28. “The Life Story of Guido Deiro and Pietro Deiro,” typescript, source unknown.

29. “About Pietro Deiro,” typescript, source unknown.

30. Newspaper ad. for Vaudeville appearance of GD and others, from undated and unidentified source.

31. Ad. for GD at State Theatrem Auburn, The Journal-Republican, 01/12/39

32. Ad. for Southern California Musical Fiesta, incl. appearance by GD, Los Angeles Times, 05/27/40.

33. Photo of GD, Los Angeles Times, 05/28/40.

ENVELOPE 11. Details of Cassettes 2-8.

ENVELOPE 12. Supplementary Photos

1. Photo of accordion band and onlookers, with GD center, undated.

2. Photo of Pietro Deiro, signed by him, and inscribed to GD.

ENVELOPE 13. Miscellaneous

1. Envelope from Library of Congress to GD containing copyright cards for 13 of his compositions.

2. Certificate from Los Angeles Times to GD acknowledging his contribution to the First Annual Southern California Musical Fiesta