The Guido Deiro Archive: Part I. Recordings

D. Audio- Cassettes

NOTE: Further details of cassettes 2–8 to be found in envelope 11

1 Privately recorded cassette marked:   A. Fabio Cecarni/GuidoDeiro   B. Guido Deiro/Sven Henriksson

2 The Incredible Enrico Caruso (Operatic Tenor). American Gramophone and Wireless Co., Vol. 1, No. 301-A.

1. Vieni Sul Mar! ((Over the Sea) (Trad.)

2. Addio a Napoli (Farewell to Naples) (Cottrau)

3. For You Alone (P.J. O’Reilly/Henry E. Geehl)

4. Rigoletto – La Donna è Mobile (Verdi)

5. Love Me or Not (Secchi)

6. Scordame (Forget Me) (S. Fucito)

7. El Mila de la Virgen (The Miracle of the Virgin) (R. Chapl)

8. Musica Proibita (Forbidden Music) (Gastaldon)

9. A Dream (Charles B. Cory/J.C. Bartlett)

10. O Sole Mio (di Capua)

11. Dreams of Long Ago (Carroll/Caruso)

12. Sensa Nisciuno (Forsaken) (E. de Curtis)

13. La Partida (The Departure) (F.M. Alvarez)

14. Les Hugenots – Qui sotto il ciel

15. Why Caruso Recorded the “Coat Song”

16. The Coat Song – Boheme – Vecchia Zimarra

17. Una Furtuva Lagrima (A Furtive Tear) L’Elisir d’Amore Act II (Donizetti)

18. Celeste Aìda – Aìda (Verdi)

3 Operatic Giants of Old (Acoustic Recordings). American Gramophone and Wireless Co., Vol. 2, No. 302-B.

1. Prelude and Siciliana (Thy Lips Like Crimson Berries), Cavalleria
Rusticana: Francesco Tuminello/ La Scala Orchestra

2. La Partida (The Departure) (F.M. Alvarez): Enrico Caruso

3. Mira, di Acerbe Lagrime (Here Pleading at They Feet), Il Trovatore (Verdi): Rosa Ponselle/Riccardo Stracciari

4. Die Uhr (C. Lowe): Arthur Van Eweyk

5. Lascia Ch’io Pianga (My Tears Shall Flow) (Handel): Giuseppe de Luca

6. Ständchen (Schubert): Paul Reimers

7. Salve dimora casta e pura (HailThou Dwelling Pure and Lowly), Faust: Florencio Constantino

8. Addio a Napoli (Farewell to Naples) (Cottrau): Enrico Caruso

9. Mighty Lak’ a Rose (Ethelbert Nevin): Geraldine Farrar/Fritz Kreisler

10. El Milagro de la virgin (The Miracle of the Virgin) (R. Chapi): Enrico Caruso

11. Charmant Oiseau (Thou Brilliant Bird), Perle Du Bresil (Felicien Daivd): Amwlita Galla-Curci/Clement Barone

12. Der Wanderer (Op.4, No.1) (Schubert): Arthur Van Eweyk

13. Serenata (Mascagni): Giovanni Martinelli

14. Celeste Aida (Heavenly Aida), Aida (Verdi): Paul Althouse

15. Bianca Al Par (Fairer Than the Fairest Lily), Les Hugenots, Meyerbeer: Florentino Constantino

16. Musica Probita (Forbidden Music) (Gastaldon): Enrico Caruso

4 At Home With the Gramophone (1902–1926 up). “As Typical of An Evening’s Entertainment.” American Gramophone and Wireless Co. Vol 6, No. 278-F.

1. Dreaming of Home Sweet Home: The Sterling Trio

2. Chicken Chowder: The Ossman-Dudley Trio (banjo/mandolin/harp-guitar)

3. Flower Song: Sibyl Sanderson Fagan (whistler w/orch.)

4. That’s How the Shannon Flows (from Macushla): Chauncey Olcott

5. Aloha Oe Waltzes: Prince’s Band

6. When You’re Away (from The Only Girl): Rosario Bourdon (cello)

7. Hindustan: Albert Campbell/Henry Burr

8. Waltz from Faust: Charles d’Almaine (violin w/piano)

9. Sahara Moon: Guido Deiro (accordion)

10. Columbia Waltz: the New York Hippodrome’s Blue & White Marimba Band

11. Till We Meet Again; Albert Campbell/Henry Burr

12. I Passed By Your Window: Margeret Romaine

13. Simple Confession: Sibyl Sanderson Fagen (whistler w/orch)

14. I’ll Miss You, Old Ireland, God Bless You, Goodbye: Chauncey Olcott

15. Fireflies: Prince’s Orch.

16. Underneath the Stars: Rosario Boudon (cello)

17. In the Shadow of the Desert Palm: The Sterling Trio

18. Stabat Mater – Inflamatus: Vincent Buono (cornet) w/The Banda Espanola

19. Underneath the Mellow Moon: Guido Deiro (accordion)

20. Marimba March: the New York Hippodrome’s Blue & White Marimba Band

5 At Home With the Gramophone (1902–1926 up). “As Typical of An Evening’s Entertainment.” American Gramophone and Wireless Co. Vol 7, No. 278-G.

1. The Radiance in Your Eyes: Reginald Werrenrath

2. Just Blue: The Al Star Trio

3. Hull’s Victory/The Quiltin’ Party/College Hornpipe: Don Richardson (Olde Tyme Fiddlin’)

4. Oh, Promise Me (from Robin Hood): Harry MacDonough

5. William Tell Overture (Rossini): Arthur Pryor’s Band

6. “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “

7. The Hand That Rocked My Cradle Rules My Heart: John Steel

8. Sometime/The Time You Can’t Forget/Any Kind of Man/Keep on Smiling: Joseph C.Smith’s Orch.

9. Wedding of the Winds: Marconi Brothers (accordion duet)

10. In the Land of Beginning Again (Where Broken Dreams Come True): Charles Harrison

11. Smiles: Lambert Murphy

12. You’ll Find Dixieland in France/I Ain’t Weary Yet/Ja-Da: Pietro Deiro (accordion)

13. Limber Up Reel/The Old Oaken Bucket/Speed the Plough: Don Richardson (Olde Tyme Fiddlin’)

14. Sing Me To Sleep: Elsie Baker

15. Pastoral Symphony,2nd Mvt. (Beethoven): Vicotr Concert Orchestra

16. “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “

17. My Baby’s Arms: John Steel

18. Chong (He Come From Hong-Kong)/By the Campfire: Joseph C.Smith orch. (vocal: Billy Murray)

19. The Skater’s Waltz: Marconi Brothers (accordion duet)

6 At Home With the Gramophone (1902–1926 up). “As Typical of An Evening’s Entertainment.” American Gramophone and Wireless Co. Vol 11, No. 278-K.

1. On Wisconsin: Charles A. Prince’s Band

2. Invitation – Waltz: Margeret McKee (whistler w/orch)

3. Talmage On Infidelity: Leonard G. Spncer (recitation)

4. The Whistler and His Dog: Arthur Pryor’s Band

5. Liebesfreud (Love’s Joy Waltz): George Hamilton Green (xylophone)

6. On the Road to Calais: Al Jolson w/orch

7. On the Shores of Italy: Henry Burr/Albert Campbell

8. Il Pianto – Tango: Guido Deiro (accordion)

9. In a Little Rendezvous: Frederico Fradkin (violin)

10. Milwaukee Light Guard: Charles A. Prince’s Band

11. Salut d’Amour: Margeret McKee (whistler w/orch.)

12. Lincoln’s Speech at Gettysburg: Leonard G. Spencer (recitation)

13. The Warbler’s Serenade: Arthur Pryor’s Band

14. Fair Rosmarin: George Hamilton Green (xylophone)

15. Birds and the Brook: Joe Belmont (whistler w/orch.)

16. You Broke My Heart to Pass the Time Away : Henry Burr

17. I Don’t Care – Polka: Guido Deiro (accordion)

18. Colorado: Frederico Fradkin (violin)

19. Flirtation: Charles Harrison

7 At Home With the Gramophone (1902–1926 up). “As Typical of An Evening’s Entertainment.” American Gramophone and Wireless Co. Vol 17, No. 278-Q.

1. La Golondrina (The Swallow): Max Dolin’s Orch.

2. Rose Room/My Oriental Rosebud: Joseph C.Smith’s Orch.

3. Imp March: The Marconi Brothers (accordion duet)

4. Are You Playing Fair: Zez Confrey& His Orch.

5. Memories: John Barnes Wells

6. Tears of Happiness: the Benson Orch.of Chicago

7. Sax-O-Phun: Rudy Wiedoeft (saxophone)

8. Swanee/Come to the Moon:The Columbia Dance Orch.

9. Keep on Dancing: the Benson Orch. Of Chicago

10. Nellie Kelly I Love You (from Little Nelly Kelly): the American Quartette

11. ‘Till We Meet Again: Palakiko & Paalhui (Hawaiian Guitars)

12. Sahara Moon: Guido Deiro (accordion)

13. Little Old Clock on the Mantle: Paul Whiteman and His Orch.

14. When I’m Gone You’ll Soon Forget: The Peerless Quartette

15. Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses: The Columbia Dance Orch.

16. Now I Know (Lewis James)

17. Till We Meet Again : Nicholas Orlando’s Orch.

18. Waikiki Is Calling Me: The Castlewood Marimbe Band

19. The Land of My Sunset Dreams: Jack Chapman & His Hotel Drake Orch.

20. Yearning: Kitty O’Connor (The Girl Baritone)

8 At Home With the Gramophone (1902–1926 up). “As Typical of An Evening’s Entertainment.” American Gramophone and Wireless Co. Vol 44, No. 278-RR.

1. Granny: Charles Hart/Elliot Shaw/Everett Clark w/orch

2. Kathleen Mavoureen: Riviera Trio (violin, cello, harp)

3. In an English Garden:Rosario Bourdon’s Concert Orch.

4. When I’m Gone You’ll Soon Forget: The Peerless Quartette

5. Dixie:The Columbia Band

6. Two Black Crows Pt.3: Moran & Mack

7. Ciriribiribin Waltz: Guido Deiro (accordion)

8. Comin’ Through the Rye: clarinet solo

9. The Herd Girl’s Dream: Stehl, Lufsky & Surth (violin, flute, harp)

10/11 The Shining Moon: Russian Balalaika Orch.

12. The Sheik of Araby: Charles Hart/Elliott Shaw/Everett Clark w/orch

13. Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms: Riviera Trio (violin, cello, harp)

14. Shepherd’s Hey: Rosario Bourdon’s Concert Orch.

15. Weeping Willow Lane: Henry Burr/Frank Croxton w/orch

16. Evening Chimes in the Mountains: the Columbia Band w/Bell Solo

17. Two Black Crows Part 4: Moran & Mack

18. Sharpshooter’s March: Guido Deiro (accordion)

19. Paraphrase on “Die Lorelei”: The Standard Orch.

20. That Tumble-Down Shack in Athlone: John McCormack w/orch.

9 The Alice Hall Sound: Trio, Quartet, and Live Performance. Tracks: SIDE A. ALICE ALL TRIO: Caravan; What Is This Thing Called Love; I’m Yours Lover; Ghost of a Chance; Just You, Just Me; Taboo; I Ain’t Got Nobody. ALICE HALL QUARTET:Makin Whoopee; Just You, Just Me; Polka; Brazil; Dream a Little Dream of Me. SIDE B. ALICE HALL QUARTET/LIVE PERFORMANCE AT RENO, NV. How High the Moon;You SteppedOut of aDream; Big Noise. ALICE HALL IN LIVE PERFORMANCE AT GOLDEN HOTEL, RENO, NV: PUA ALMEIDA – BASS/STEEL GUITAR/VCL; DON ROSINE – DR/FL: Hawaiian Wedding Song; Cast Your Cares to the Trade Winds; A Oui Ya (That’s IT); Hawaiian War Chant; A-Train; Jazz Me Blues; Petite Waltz; Dancing Under the Stars; Where or When. [Private Issue]