“Flamenco—Beyond the Body of the Sensuous”

Meira Goldberg (current visiting scholar at the Foundation for Iberian Music), Ninotchka Bennahum and Michelle Heffner Hayes, editors of Flamenco on the Global Stage; renowned dancer Belén Maya; guitarist Pedro Cortés; and singer José Moreno explore flamenco’s traditions and experimentalism in an upcoming series of events in NYC and Philadelphia.

First, La Meira and her co-editors are launching their book, Flamenco on the Global Stage, at the 92nd St. Y’s “Fridays at Noon” series, on September 16. “Flamenco—Beyond the Body of the Sensuous” is a panel discussion with Maya, Cortés, and Moreno on flamenco’s history, contrasting its traditional roots with its modern role in rebellion. Featured in the discussion will be archival footage of La Macarrona.

12:00 pm, September 16, 2016
Fridays at Noon tickets are $10 online or in advance at the 92Y Box Office in the lobby /$15 at the 92Y Box Office on the day of the performance.

This presentation will also be streamed live at http://www.tischdanceandnewmedia.com/live


During her stay in New York, Belén Maya will also perform a solo concert of Romnia at the 92nd St. Y.

“My body wants to give life to those black sounds coming from the East, loaded with the sorrow amassed by thousands of displaced people throughout our history.” – Belén Maya

“Belén Maya has pursued her career out of the continuous need to explore and study music, theatre, narration, performance, drama and language. Her concept of flamenco feeds on the mixture of literature, yoga, meditation, organic culture, Eastern mysticism and the harmony between her body, mind and spirit.

Romnia explores the two dimensions of Maya’s life: her Gypsy ancestry and her femininity. Romnia, “women” in Romany, is a celebration of Gypsyness—a compassionate, sometimes joyful look at the plight of displaced women, whose laughter and mourning are transformed to beauty in motion.”

8:00 pm, September 24, 2016
Advance tickets $20 ($15 for under 35s!). Visit link above for venue information and to purchase tickets.


Belén is also teaching workshops in Philadelphia, September 17 – 20 


And in New York City, September 20 – 22


Don’t miss these opportunities to work with one of Flamenco’s boldest contemporary dancers!