The Pronomos Flute and 2014 Composer’s Commission: Coming Soon to NY!

We announced previously that the recipient of this year’s commission from the Foundation of Iberian Music is Javier Arias Bal, who will be writing a work for the special Pronomos flute. Julián Elvira, the flute’s inventor, spokesperson, and virtuoso performer, has issued a press statement about the upcoming concert. (Leer en español más abajo.)

The Pronomos flute itself is a modified form of the modern flute, which dates back to the late 19th century design of Theobald Boehm.  The Pronomos’ innovations allow a greater array of extended techniques, facilitating a fresh new body of work for flutists and a new concert experience for audiences.

The 2014 Composer’s Commission concert, to be held June 22nd at the Graduate Center’s Segal Theater, will be the first time the Pronomos flute has been heard in New York. Elvira has assembled a program featuring works for the Pronomos by Spanish composers in New York—culminating, of course, in the premiere of Arias’ new work. This multi-media concert will feature the work of Julián Ávila, Eduardo Costa, Alexandra Gardner, Pedro Gómez, Alberto Posadas, Julián Elvira himself, and the Graduate Center’s own Ines Thiebaut, with specially created backing video projections. View the complete program here.

(download PDF)