New Spanish Language Beatles Books

There are two new Spanish language books on the Beatles out in which Antoni Pizà was involved.

On June 18th, a new essay collection for the 50th anniversary of the “White Album,” Los Beatles (EMI, 1968): El Álbum del año de la Revolución (The Beatles: Album of the Year of the Revolution), edited by Francesc Vicens, will be released by T&B Editores. Antoni Pizà contributed an essay on “Revolution 9,” entitled, “What revolution do we talk about when we talk about ‘Revolution 9’.”

It is available to order online. There will be a launch presentation for the book on June 18 in Palma de Mallorca, at Club Diario. You can read more about the book and upcoming launch event in Diario de Mallorca.

Second, Antoni Pizà wrote the foreword for Vaig veure John Lennon: Històries del Maharishi Mahesh Iogui, música i músics a la Mallorca dels anys 70, by Bàrbara Duran Bordoy. The book explores the impact of the workshops that the Maharishi organized in Mallorca at this time, through the first-hand testimonials of locals and attendees. The story of local impact finds an unexpected climax when John Lennon and Yoko Ono were arrested and summarily deported after being accused of kidnapping Yoko’s daughter Kyoko, who lived in Mallorca with her father, Anthony Cox. Cox, who had sole custody, was a member of the cult The Walk (known now as The Living Word Fellowship) and kept Kyoko hidden from Yoko for the next 30 years.

Vaig veure John Lennon is available now from Lleonard Muntaner.