New Catalunya Radio Interview with Antoni Pizà

Antoni Pizà was interviewed on CATALUNYA RÀDIO, National Public Radio of Catalonia in Barcelona, on 17 Jan 2020.  He participated in the program TOTS ELS MATIN DEL MON (All mornings in the world / a pun on the film Tous les matins du monde), hosted by Ester Pinart and Joan Vives, in the segment “Avui esmorzem amb…” (Today we have breakfast with…). 

You can listen to the full broadcast online here.

The program presents casual, but intelligent, conversations on diverse musical topics with a guest. Pizà discussed his edition of Baltasar Samper’s 1935 jazz lectures in Barcelona (co-edited with Francesc Vicens).  He spoke about his musical upbringing—his mother enjoyed zarzuela and his father was an amateur church organist and choir conductor—and arriving in NYC almost 30 years ago to pursue his doctoral studies, where he’s lived ever since.  He also discusses several musical selections including Miklos Rozsa’s “Valse crépusculaire,” Couperin’s “Les Barricades Mystérieuses,” Beethoven’s “Spring” Violin Sonata, and Bartok’s “Perpetuum mobile” for two pianos.  All in all, a thirty-minute long relaxed conversation on life and music.