Catalunya Ràdio Interview on Borgunyó, Catalan Composers in NYC

Begoña López, who obtained her PhD in musicology in 2017 at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona under the supervision of Antoni Pizà, appeared on Catalunya Ràdio to discuss a new book that she has developed out of her dissertation work. Her dissertation was on Agustí Borgunyó, a versatile Catalan composer with a chameleon-like style. Born in Sabadell in 1894, he lived in the USA for most of his professional life. He wrote popular songs and danceable tunes during the Jazz Age, but also sardanas (the national dance of his native Catalonia), as well as many concert pieces in all genres. He died in Barcelona 1967.

Dr. López, a respected opera singer as well as musicologist and a professor of vocal studies at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, has now written a full-fledged biography of Borgunyó, which will be published soon with a prologue by Antoni Pizà, centering on Catalan musicians in NYC in the early 20th c. (such as Pau Casals, Xavier Cugat, and Borgunyó, among many others).  She discusses all these topics in depth on “Assaig general.” You can listen to the full program here.