Webinar: Beethoven’s Family Feuds

Join us for this free webinar of the Ensemble for the Romantic Center, to be held on Thursday, 1 December, from 5:30 to 7:00pm. We will addresses Beethoven’s struggles to keep custody of his nephew Karl and his ongoing feuds with his family. Beethoven’s late style will be examined as an artistic sublimation of the pressing issues in his personal life, focusing on the profound aesthetic transformations in his late works.

This webinar provides context for the upcoming Ensemble for the Romantic Century concert, Beethoven vs. Beethoven, to be held on  on 15 December 2022.


James Melo, musicologist for the Ensemble for the Romantic Century and Director of the Brook Center’s Seminars of the Ensemble for the Romantic Century.

Harvey Sachs, music historian and Beethoven biographer

Link for Registration
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