Coros y Danzas: Folk Music and Spanish Nationalism: A Conversation Between Antoni Pizà and Daniel Jordan

Daniel David Jordan has just published Coros y Danzas:  Folk Music and Spanish Nationalism in the Early Franco Regime, 1939-1953.

In the following conversation Dr. Jordan discusses his book with Antoni Pizà, the Director of the CUNY Foundation for Iberian Music.

Currently, Dr. Jordan is also also organizing “Worlds Apart,” a two-day conference and recital series that explores how refugees and displaced peoples in Canada have used music to “fill” cultural absences, create diasporic communities, and build intercultural bridges since 1945.

You can see more details here

The event will take place on May 25-26, 2024, at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music. It is funded by the Jackman Humanities Institute.