A Century of Composing in America: 1820-1920

November 17-19, 2004

Wednesday, November 17

Welcome, President Horowitz, Provost Kelly

Session 1 – 2:15-3:10
Chair: Raoul Camus
Introductory Remarks – Adrienne Fried Block

“Waltzing in Manhattan: Claudio S. Grafulla, Composer, Arranger, and Band Director” – Rena C. Kosersky

Session 2 – 3:20-4:30
Chair: Judith Tick

“Arthur Bird’s Overture in A Minor for Military Band” – Robert H. Dunham

“William Vincent Wallace as American Composer” – Wayne V. Shirley

Session 3 – 7:00
Concert of piano and vocal music, including works by Buck, Dresel, Goldbeck, Beach, Salter, Bristow, and J. R. Thomas

Vanessa Cuhna, Julia Grella, Paul Houghtaling, Stephanie Jensen-Moulton, and Jin-Ok Lee.

Thursday, November 18

Session 4 – 9:30-10:40
Chair: Jeff Taylor

“Composing in the Theater: The Work of a Late Nineteenth-Century New York Music Director” – Michael I. Pisani

“From “Dixie” to “Striking Ile”: the Walk-Arounds of Dan Emmett and Bryants’ Minstrels, 1858-1868″ – Jill Van Nostrand

Session 5 – 10:50-12:00

“Composing Wild Indians in the American West, ca. 1912: operas by Mary Carr Moore and William F. Hanson” – Catherine Parsons Smith

“Verismo all’Americana: George Whitefield Chadwick’s The Padrone” – Marianne Betz

Session 6 – 1:00-2:45
Chair: Ora Frishberg Saloman

“Aus der neuen Welt: Otto Dresel’s New York Lieder” – David Francis Urrows

“Angelic Airs and Soothing Songs: Dudley Buck and the Victorian Art Song” – N. Lee Orr

“Leopold Damrosch’s Symphony in A major” – Kati Agocs

Session 7 – 2:55-4:05
Chair: H. Wiley Hitchcock

“Composing Music for Country Tastes, 1820-1920” – Stephen Blum

“Joseph Lincoln Hall’s Sacred Songs” – Patricia Woodard

Friday, November 19

Session 8 – 9:30-10:40
Chair: Ellie Hisama

“Latin Tinge or Mosaic? Mexican and Cuban Composers and Songwriters in New York, ca. 1880-1920” – John Koegel

“Not in Kansas Anymore: The Wizard of Oz on Broadway, 1903” – Edward A. Berlin

Session 9 – 10:50-12:00
Chair: Deane Root

“John Rogers Thomas and the New York Scene” – John Graziano

“Composing in Black and White: The Songs of Sam Lucas” – Sandra Graham

Session 10 – 1:00-2:45
Chair: Michael Broyles

“‘To Surround a Composer with Glory’: Works by Conductors of the Germania Musical Society” – Nancy Newman

“Music in Mid Nineteenth-Century New York: Louis Jullien, American Orchestral Music, and George Bristow’s Jullien Symphony” – Katherine K. Preston

“A Christmas Eve to Remember: William Henry Fry’s Santa Claus Symphony” – Laura Moore Pruett

Session 11 – 2:55-4:40
Chair: Karen Ahlquist

“Refracting History: Ives and Emerson and the German Romantic Tradition in American Music” – Christopher Bruhn

“Americanism Gone Awry? Henry F. Gilbert’s The Dance in Place Congo at the Metropolitan Opera” – Carolyn Guzski

“Hanover Square “Accordion” to Charles Ives” – Stuart Feder

Session 12 – 7:00
Concert of music by Hommann and Bird.

Graduate Center String Quintet and Artis Wodehouse