New Book from Walter Aaron Clark

Walter Aaron Clark, UC Riverside professor and founder of CILAM, has a new book on the Romeros guitar family. Clark has been involved with the Graduate Center and Foundation for Iberian Music for more than a decade; he has given a seminar on Albéniz, debuted a new book with William Craig Krause, gave the keynote address at our Granados centenary conference, co-directed our zapateados conference, and he is currently co-editing a volume of selected papers from that conference with Antoni Pizà and K. Meira Goldberg.

 We are happy to once again congratulate him on his new publication, Los Romeros: Royal Family of the Spanish Guitar (Indiana University Press, 2018). From the publisher:

Spanish émigré guitarist Celedonio Romero gave his American debut performance on a June evening in 1958. In the sixty years since, the Romero Family—Celedonio, his wife Angelita, sons Celín, Pepe, and Angel, as well as grandsons Celino and Lito—have become preeminent in the world of Spanish flamenco and classical guitar in the United States.

Walter Aaron Clark’s in-depth research and unprecedented access to his subjects have produced the consummate biography of the Romero family. Clark examines the full story of their genius for making music, from their outsider’s struggle to gain respect for the Spanish guitar to the ins and outs of making a living as musicians. 

Los Romeros is available as a paperback ($24.95) and as an ebook ($22.46).