Literes in the Americas

The Museum of Music of Barcelona recently held a concert featuring Spanish music from the Americas, which included a performance of a rare Literes cantata. The cantata, Cantada al Infantisimo, was found at Antigua Guatemala Cathedral and transcribed by Anna Cazurra and Antoni Pizà. The concert was directed by Marta Alamajano, a baroque soprano who herself is known for her interpretations of Literes.

The entire program was comprised of baroque music, including works by Durón, Sumaya and Salazar. You can view the full program and notes here (PDF).

And don’t forget, next month the Teatre Principal of Palma de Mallorca will be performing the new production of Literes’ Los Elementos, for which Antoni Pizà served as a consultant. Pizà will also be giving a pre-concert lecture at the Caixa Forum, by the theater. Click the link above for full details.