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RTVE. Interview with Antoni Pizà about the opera El Reloj de LucernaApril 2, 2018. (25:00)

Radio IB3. Interview with Antoni Pizà about El Reloj de Lucerna. March 28, 2018. (26:00)


Ona Mediterrània, “El Crepuscle Encén Estels”. Talk with Antoni Pizà. October 15, 2017. (27:00)

Radio IB3, “La Ruta d’Orfeu.” Interview with Antoni Pizà. October 15, 2017 (16:00).


Catalunya Radio, “Qui té por del segle XX?”: Month-long series on Romá Alís, featuring Antoni Pizà as an interviewee and consultant.

Episode 1 (February 7, 2016) (includes interview with Pizà)
Episode 2 (February 14, 2016)
Episode 3 (February 21, 2016)
Episode 4 (February 28, 2016)


Catalunya Radio, “Qui té por del segle XX?”: Month-long series on Surinach, featuring Antoni Pizà as an interviewee and consultant.

Episode 1 (June 7, 2015) (interview with Antoni Pizà)
Episode 2 (June 14, 2015)
Episode 3 (June 21, 2015)
Episode 4 (June 28, 2015)


NY Andalus EnsembleFall Concert (30 October)

Albert GuinovartSkyshadows, Foundation for Iberian Music 2013 Composer’s Commission (8 September)


Catalunya Radio interviews Antoni Pizà (7 July, 2013)

Radio Nacional de España interview Antoni Pizà (15 January, 2013)


Spanish Radio interviews Antoni Pizà (6 November, 2012)

Antoni Pizà interviewed on IB3 Radio (30 July, 2012)

NYC Andalus Ensemble Spring Concert (17 May, 2012)


Silent Music: Book Release and Panel Discussion (31 October, 2011)

The Travels of Tirant Lo Blanch (20 October, 2011)

The New York City Al-Andalus Ensemble (12 July, 2011)

Here are two recordings of the ensemble performing what they have practiced over the last semester with director Rachid Halihal:

Benny L’barah:

Shamsul Ashi:

New Music by Joan Valent (29 April, 2011)

Full concert:


Melodia cega for string ensemble

Kli for string ensemble, flute solo, piano

Quatre Estacions a Mallorca (The Four Seasons) for strings, percussion, piano, solo violin

Primavera (Spring)
Tardor (Autum)
Estiu (Summer)
Hivern (Winter)

Pangaea for strings

Caiassa for strings, piano solo

Catalunya Música Interviews Director Antoni Pizà (28 January, 2011)


Amor y Música: A Concert of Spanish and South American Music (21 November, 2010)

Opening Remarks:

Overture to Los Esclavos Felices by Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga:


“Hommage à Liège”  by Astor Piazzolla:

Ballets: El Sombrero de tres Picos and El Amor Brujo by Manuel de Falla:

“Songs of the Infinite” by Miguel Á. Roig-Francolí, 2010 Composer’s Commission (24 October, 2010)

I. The Question­

II. Melody

III. Play of Sparkles

IV. Improvisation

V. The Source

The Spanish Hour features The Foundation for Iberian Music (21 October, 2010)


Composer’s Commission preview:

Listen to the entire program here: The Spanish Hour

Al-Andalus Lecture by Reynaldo Fernández Manzano (13 September, 2010)

Alejandro Pacheco Performs Ricardo Viñes’  Compositions (29 July, 2010)

Concerts and Conversations: Paquito D’Rivera (3 May, 2010)

Part 1:

Part 2:


Catalunya Radio features the Foundation for Iberian Music (December 2009)

Antoni Parera Fons: A Songwriter’s Journey (19 November, 2009)

Lamento de Jueves Santo en Cuenca / Holy Thursday Lament in Cuenca
for solo violin, work commissioned by the 2006 Sacred Music Festival of Cuenca (Spain)
Joan Plana Nadal

Alma de Azúcar: Songs for Loli
for soprano and piano on lyrics by Isabel Rey
Isabel Rey and Antoni Parera Fons

Correnties / Currents
for narrator, soprano, violin and piano
Guillem Fromtera, Isabel Rey, Andreu Riera, Joan Plana Nadal

for solo piano
*Foundation for Iberian Music Composers’ Commission 2008
Andreu Riera.

Press kit

Iberian Sacred Polyphony: Coral Universitat de les Illes Balears (16 April 2009)



Coral promo:


Anna Cazurra’s Hesperia for piano (12 September 2008)

Adam Kent’s performance:

Hesperia I: Azahara

Hesperia II

Hesperia III: El Basar

Hesperia IV: Mediterranea

WQXR Promo 1

WQXR Promo 2

Carlos Surinach and The Creation of Modern Dance in New York (31 March 2008)

Panel Discussion




WQXR Promo 1

WQXR Promo 2

Program notes

Oscar Esplá and the Guitar (29 January 2008)

A lecture-recital by Jan de Kloe including works by Esplá and other Spanish and Latin American composers


Sepharad: New Approaches to a Musical Identity (December 2007)

Iberian Instrumental Traditions:  The Vihuela and Baroque Guitar (12 November, 2007)

The Foundation for Iberian Music presents a lecture-recital exploring he instrumental traditions of Spain. Iberian Instrumental Traditions: The Guitar. Period-instrument specialist Manuel Minguillón investigates the Spanish repertoire of plucked-instruments including the vihuela, arch-lute and the Baroque guitar with works by Amat, Guerau, Sanz, and others.

Iberian Instrumental Traditions: The Sacred Piano Alberto Urroz (31 October 2007)

Iberian Instrumental Traditions: The Piano (Oct 1 2007)

A lecture-recital exploring the instrumental traditions of Spain with Adam Kent. Music by Cabezón, Soler, Albéniz, and Granados.

Sancho (30 July 2007)

Antoni Pizà talks about Sancho’s Music on Catalunya radio
Interview 1

Interview 2

Gloria et in terra

New Music by Román Alís and Salvador Brotons (3 May 2007)

The Remarkable Journey of J.B. Sancho: Pioneer Composer of California (30 April, 2007)

  1. In addition to the music of J.B. Sancho, this event includes performances of  Antoni Literes’ music.

Composers’ Discoveries: The Songs of Antoni Parera Fons (14 February, 2007)


Schoenberg in Barcelona (2 March, 2006)

Concert (part 1)

Concert (part 2)

Panel discussion

Program notes


Composers’ Commissions 2005:  Piano works by Josep Prohens. (16 November, 2005)

The Foundation for Iberian Music presents pianist Maxim Anikushin appearing in a concert that includes a performance of the Beethoven’s “Emperor” Piano Concerto (No. 5) with The Orchestra Celebrate! under the direction of Laurine Celeste Fox and Beethoven’s Piano Sonata 0pus 111. The concert also includes two piano works commissioned by the Foundation for Iberian Music Dreams/Somnis and Freqüències by Josep Prohens.

Beethoven, Piano Concerto No. 5 “Emperor”


Josep Prohens, Dreams/Somnis

Beethoven, Piano Sonata, opus 111