Canceled: “Flamenco in the USA” (27 March) and Kiko Mora Talk (26 March)

As per the latest update to the Graduate Center’s COVID-19 response policy (10 March), events through March 29 with more than 20 people in attendance are not permitted.

The university is doing their best to enable live streaming for affected events, but unfortunately, many of our scheduled speakers are abroad or outside of NYC and will not be able to travel. As such, it is with great regret that we must cancel our events on 26 March, “Spanish Music in the US Recording Industry” with Kiko Mora, and 27 March, our “Flamenco in the USA” conference, as well as the film screenings scheduled for the evening of 27 March.

We are investigating publication options for the scheduled conference papers, in the hopes that we can still bring the excellent work of the speakers to the public. You can read the final program here.

Mora has already published the research upon which his talk was based, and we hope you will enjoy reading his book, De cera y goma-laca: La producción de música española en la industria fonográfica estadounidense “1896-1914”. It’s available for purchase here.